One Size Fits All
to Dec 30

One Size Fits All

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Saturday, December 1st from 3-5


By using found objects, vintage photos, and textiles as her base, artist Amy Johnquest (AKA the BannerQueen) alters and paints over these materials creating transcendent atmospheres. Ranging from the sublime to cosmic jokes, Johnquest likes to consider the big picture (life and death) in a reverent yet playful way. Johnquest obtained the moniker of BannerQueen in 1999 when she began painting sideshow banner themed art with a pop culture twist. Much of her work continues to evoke a carnivalesque feel and it often advertises things that are not for sale or perhaps may not even exist. 
During this exhibition signed copies of her book “Altered Ancestors” along with some of the original art featured in the book will be available and on view as well

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2 Bodacious Book Launches at Spot 22
5:00 PM17:00

2 Bodacious Book Launches at Spot 22

Spot 22 Press is pleased to announce two book launches under one roof! 

During Easthampton’s Book Fair and Art Walk we will be featuring brand new publications by artist Amy Johnquest and photo collector Stacy Waldman. “Dick,” photos of people places and things named Dick from the collection of Stacy Waldman and “Altered Ancestors” which features Amy Johnquest’s hand painted Victorian cabinet cards. Along with the book signing there will also be an exhibition with original “DIck” photos and “Altered Ancestors” paintings on display in the Spot 22 Gallery. Open from 5 - 8 pm, Saturday April 14th at Spot 22, 22 Cottage St., Easthampton, MA

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GCTV video interview about the installation “Shadow of the Dam” GCTV 2016
1:30 PM13:30

GCTV video interview about the installation “Shadow of the Dam” GCTV 2016

Full Disclosure Festival 2016 --- In The Shadow Of The Dam

After a "blind date" with historian Betty Sharpe, Banner Queen Amy Johnquest created an art installation entitled, "In The Shadow of the Dam, The Aftermath of the Mill River Flood of 1874".  To watch the conversation that inspired her work, click on the "Blind Date 6" link below the video or the link below.

Recorded March 29, 2016

This is the initial meeting between Banner Queen Amy Johnquest and historian Betty Sharpe.

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